August 27, 2012

Women Leaders Demand Apology From Tisei

By admin

Peabody, MA—Today, the leaders of Women for Tierney called on Richard Tisei to apologize for the offensive comments made by his campaign. Over the weekend, Tisei campaign manager Paul Moore dismissed the issues of abortion rights for rape victims, the very federal definitions of rape, and the weakening of the Violence Against Women Act as “issues that aren’t really issues.”

The leaders of Women for Tierney have launched a petition to urge Richard Tisei to apologize for the offensive comments.

“Abortion rights and the attempts by Republicans to re-define rape are very important issues to women and to all voters across the 6th District. These issues are important, even if Mr. Tisei and his campaign don’t think so. For Mr. Tisei to try and gloss over them is truly insensitive and offensive — why does he think that these aren’t really issues? The statement made by his campaign proves that women just cannot trust Richard Tisei,” said Women for Tierney leader Regina Villa.

Tisei has said that he is “comfortable” in the Republican Party — a party that is set to approve a platform this week making abortion illegal even in cases of rape. Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan even led 227 Republicans in the House in co-sponsoring the Akin Amendment that mirrored his offensive comments from last week, trying to re-define rape only as “forcible rape” in federal law. And now, Ryan’s own super PAC is set to spend $1 million helping Richard Tisei’s campaign with television ads starting September 7.

Villa added, “If Richard Tisei were to win, his first vote in Congress would be to keep in place the same anti-woman majority in Congress. Tisei and his right-wing allies in Congress pose a serious threat to respect for women and women’s health. These issues matter to women, whether Mr. Tisei likes it or not.”

While the comments by Tisei’s campaign are shocking and outrageous, they are, sadly, reflective of his views of today’s Washington Republicans. Try as he might, Tisei’s record and ties to the radical right wing are not something that he can just gloss over. The Republican majority in Congress has even opposed pay equity legislation and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Richard Tisei recently came out in support of the idea underlying the Blunt Amendment, which would allow employers to restrict access to birth control for their employees.